When I talk about my WHY, the single most important thing that comes to mind is FAMILY.  Ultimately, I want to be the best mom, wife, role model I can be.  When we had our first daughter, it became so obvious that this little life relied on me for EVERYTHING.  I knew I would be the single biggest influence she could have in life in a way that nobody else could – not even her dad.

When I decided to do something about my own health and fitness, it wasn’t just because I wanted to lose weight. I saw my kids always wanting to play on my phone or watch a movie rather than getting up to go outside to play and be active. With all the social media at our fingertips, I know I was the biggest influence in my kids’ choice of activities (GUILTY!). So when I started to work out, I wanted to be that influencer in my kids and raise them up in a household that values physical activity so that this would be the norm for them growing up. At first, they just sat there and watched. Then they cheered me on. Now they are always up and wanting to join me in my workouts (Allie’s one-handed push-ups are pretty impressive)! They have quickly become my reason for why I do what I do. Actions speak louder than words and in my case, my kids are following suit!  Seeing the impact that I have had on my kids over the last year has made me passionate about reaching out and helping others get into the habit of a healthier lifestyle.  One that values fitness and nutrition.

** Have you been wanting to get in control of your health and fitness?  Do you want to be that influence for your kids?  Your spouse? **

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