AERO Active – Hot Pink!

I don’t know about you but I LOVE sweats. I mean, I LOVE them!  The minute I get home from work, I change into something more comfy.  I probably own over 30 pair of sweats and I refuse to get rid of any of them!  (Thank goodness my hubby still loves me!)  There’s something cozy about them and even in the summertime, you’ll often find me in lounge pants (which I refer to as “sweats” as well).  When I started working out regularly (read about My Story), I quickly found that sweats were not the best for jumping, lunges, well…anything else other than lounging around in!  I also found that when I wore cute workout clothes, it changed something mentally and made me workout harder!  I’m not complaining because that gave me an excuse to go shopping and I’m sure my hubby didn’t mind that I wasn’t lounging around in frumpy sweats anymore!

With 3 little ones, I don’t have a chance to go shopping very often but this summer, we had the opportunity to send them to the in-law’s which meant lots of jogs after work, random movie nights and even the occasional shopping trip!  One afternoon, I went to  Seattle Premium Outlets in Marysville to do a little retail therapy!hotpink Read more