My Story

I’ve been skinny-fat my entire life. Growing up, like most Asian parents, my parents were concerned about my studies, not going to the gym. I lived a pretty sedentary lifestyle but luckily (I attribute to good genes), I was never fat…just skinny-fat. I ate what I wanted and didn’t think twice. When I got to college and started dating my (now) husband, I remember the first time I went to a dinner with his family and his uncle told him “You better make a lot of money if you want to feed that hollow leg!” Yes, I realize I was lucky. But then college started to pay its toll and I started to notice changes in my body. The sorority food and weekly (okay I’ll be honest, sometimes nightly) frat parties were not good for me.

Fast forward to 2013. I got married and just delivered my third baby in April. I had lost all but 5 pounds of my baby weight but felt good about myself and didn’t think I needed to change anything. In November, I went to Thanksgiving dinner at my sister’s house and my aunt (mind you, 1. Who I hadn’t seen in a long time and 2. If you know typical Asian women, they don’t sugarcoat anything) told me, “Oh, you gained weight!” It was in that moment that I knew I couldn’t rely on my good genes anymore. I had three babies, was now over 30 and realized my body was not going to be the same as when I was in high school. Unless I made some changes.

I started doing some workouts at home (we have almost a full gym at home that was never being used) on my own but lacked the motivation and accountability and after a couple months, found myself thinking, “I’m fine,” “I don’t have THAT much weight to lose.” But in March, a friend of mine was hosting a Challenge Group for the 21 Day Fix program. I thought, “What the heck?” and decided to bite the bullet. BEST. DECISION. EVER.

The 21 Day Fix combines a nutrition plan coupled with daily 30 minute workouts that you can do right from the comfort of your own home. What I love about this program is that it focuses on a different body part or type of exercise each day so you really are getting a total body workout each week that keeps your body guessing. The program comes with pre-portioned colored coded containers so you know how much of what to eat each day. For someone who had been told I had a hollow leg, this part was KEY.

Fast forward to present day. I am now a coach at BeachBody hoping to inspire, motivate and encourage others that may want to hit that “reset” button in their own health and fitness and provide the accountability and support they don’t have at a gym. I am in the best shape I’ve ever been in my life and have truly adopted this program as not just something I did for 21 days, but ultimately a lifestyle change. I’ve made a commitment to myself and my family that my kids will have a very different lifestyle than me growing up. One where physical activity is part of each day – just as much as brushing your teeth.

Before and after 2