Join a Challenge Group

Have you ever made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight only to find yourself wasting your gym membership fee and it’s only February? Most people FAIL at weight loss programs not because those programs aren’t effective but because they don’t have the SUPPORT they need to succeed. If you don’t show up at the gym on Monday, there is nobody calling you asking where you are or if you’re coming in. Actually, in most cases, they’ve already hooked you on the membership and could care less if they never see you again. With me as your coach, I’m here to help YOU succeed. I’ll be right there with you encouraging, motivating and supporting you along the way.

A Challenge Group is a private Facebook group where people from all over the world who are working towards similar health and fitness goals get together to share in their process while doing a fitness program TOGETHER…all from the comfort of your own HOME! You will get small daily assignments, motivation, recipes and fitness tips. You will have the opportunity to connect with other like-minded people and have a safe forum to ask questions, raise concerns and celebrate successes with! Though I “lead” this group, I have found that the challengers in these groups motivate ME to do better, push harder and NEVER GIVE UP!

If you’ve been looking for that push, support and motivation to get you started and keep you going, join me in my next Challenge Group!


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