Costco Fashion?

As a mom of three, Costco is place I frequent more often than I’d like.  We all go there for essentials like toilet paper, napkins, baby wipes (my kids aren’t in diapers anymore but admit it, who else uses these for quick, easy cleanup???).  And we also go there for bulk food like cheese, tortillas, ground meat (tacos anyone?) and other food items.  So when my MIL gifted me a pair of lounge pants from Costco for Christmas one year, I admit, I made fun saying it was such an “old person thing” to buy clothes from Costco.

laid back

Well, I guess I’m officially an old person now!  I have to say that I have scored some pretty good finds at Costco recently and these boyfriend jeans are one of them!  I have been looking for boyfriend jeans for a while now but haven’t been able to find the perfect pair.  They are all either too baggy or the rips are in the wrong spots (being short, the knee holes are usually far below my knees!).  These Girls’ Boyfriend Jeans by Levi’s are perfect!  The distressing is spot on and the length is perfect to roll up to just the length I like!  They have a little bit of stretch in them so they’re not super loose and baggy (which is exactly what I was looking for!).  Because they are girls jeans, it is a hook/eye closure rather than a button but I don’t mind it at all!  I wish they made these in woman’s but if you’re a shorty like me, you might be able to score these for yourself.  And best of all…they were only $17.99!!!  Can’t beat that!

It looks like these are no longer available on the website but if you’re looking for a great skinny jean, this might be a good option for you:

levis front backVigoss Girls’ Stretch Pant – Indigo

I have seen other people score name brand items from Costco like Hunter’s boots, UGG’s and Joe’s Jeans.  I haven’t seen these myself but will definitely be keeping an eye out the next time I’m there!

Have YOU shopped at Costco for clothes recently?

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