Target Steal!

I shared this on my Facebook page recently and had a few people say they went out and bought it or tried to but they didn’t have their size.  Who knew anyone would be interested in what I wore???  (#confidencebooster)  For the THREE people that were interested, I decided to share some findings and / or outfits on this blog in case you wanted to snatch some of these items up for yourself.  🙂

Target hoodie

Just to give a little background of “My Style”, I guess I would call myself “trendy” however oftentimes I fall behind the trend.  Mostly because if it’s comfortable, I’ll still wear it and don’t care if it’s not “in” anymore (SO happy to see that flared pants are coming BACK!  Someone please explain to my husband that this is why I can’t get rid of things!).  The other reason is because sometimes new trends scare me.  When skinny jeans first started making a comeback, I told my sister “Mark my words: I will NEVER wear tapered jeans again” (I thought back to the 80’s where tapered GUESS jeans with ankle zippers on the sides were the big trend but quickly replaced by boot cut denim).  Who knew that calling them “skinny jeans” would make me change my mind?  (Yes, I’m easily persuaded…oooh…shiny object!)  The other reason I tend to fall behind the curve is because between our family of 5, a household to maintain and my newfound love of clean eating, staying on top of the trend is not exactly on the top of our grocery / shopping list.  This is why I LOVE stores like Target, TJMaxx and Kohl’s to keep me somewhat trendy, yet not stuck in 1985!

So for those that care, I’ll be sharing a little bit about what I wore and where I got it (unless I got it in 1985 and don’t remember where it came from).  Let me know in the comments below if you like this addition to the blog and would be something you’d be interested in so I know someone’s actually reading!  😉

Target hoodieZip Hoodie – Target

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