Life By Design

A lot of people have asked me why I am a fitness coach.  Between a husband, 3 kids, a full time job and trying to keep up with my own workouts, don’t I have enough on my plate?  My response to them is simple.  YES.  I do have enough on my plate.  But the way I see it, I only have one life to live and at the end of the day, I would rather my plate be overflowing than empty.  Ultimately, I want to live a life by design.  By my own terms.  In my own time.  may not be easy but it will be worth itMy journey as a coach hasn’t always been easy but when I get comments from people I have helped reach and exceed their original health + fitness goals, it fires something up inside me.  It makes me work harder. It makes me want to look for more ways to motivate people.  It makes me CRAVE helping someone again in the same way.  Something about that appreciation of someone who didn’t believe they could do it themselves get to a point of realization that they had it in them all along…it’s not a satisfaction I get from a standard 9 to 5.  This job truly allows me to enjoy my family while giving me the freedom to work in my own time.

This weekend, we are visiting some extended family for a family vacation.  We are staying in a hotel (something the kids always look forward to) and this is what my morning looked like:

  • Wake up.  Morning cartoons while mama gets to sleep in for once!  (win win!)
  • Breakfast with the family (you’ve got NOTHIN’ on my MIL’s hotel cooking!  She’s got it down to a science…everything from an electric kettle for instant noodles to using the top of a Spam lid as a spatula, you would think they were moving in for months instead of a weekend stay for two nights!)
  • Workout (Dirty 30 from the 21 Day Fix) for 30 minutes (2% of my day)
  • hotel workout
  • Swimming with the kids (cannonballs, breath holding contests, jumping/catching off the ledge, hottubbing) for 90 minutes (and definitely going back later tonight)
  • Bathe
  • And now the kids are NAPPING (all three…AT THE SAME TIME)!

nappingNow it’s 2:30pm and I’m sitting here in my hotel bed and while I could be napping alongside these sweet angels (why is it they always seem like little angels when they’re sleeping?), my laptop is on and I’m working.

napping jaxOnly…it doesn’t feel like work.  I’m reaching out to people that have messaged me saying, “I’m ready – how do I start?”  “How do you do it?  Can I do it too?”  “I haven’t worked out in years, is it hard?”  “I want to start working out and eating right but I have no idea where to begin”  I had the same questions before I started but one day, something in me said “I’m going to do it!”  All I’m doing is sharing my story with them.  I’m a mom – a wife – a friend – a woman – just like you.  I found a little workout program that, surprisingly enough, I’ve been able to keep up with and maintain for over a year.  And through my experience in knowing that I could do something that I thought FOR SURE I would give up in a month, I’m giving that opportunity to you!

Helping people realize and reach their potential is my passion and I’m SO lucky to have found a job that will allow me to continue helping others the way my own coach helped me.  In a world that tends to compete with each other, this is just a small thing I can do to EMPOWER others and pay it forward.

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