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I’ve always had a pretty normal life typical of an Asian girl.  I took piano lessons since I was 5.  Grew up in a Christian family so went to church all my life.  Did well in school (particularly math…I know, how stereotypical) and went to a good college (Go Huskies!).  The one thing I did that was non-typical for an Asian girl was join a sorority.  There have always been stigmas of the Greek system and those that join but ultimately, I wanted a quick way to meet a lot of people.  Growing up in the church community all my life, I knew a lot of people but really wanted to branch outside of my current circle of friends since I was staying in-state for college.

I could go on and on about college, sorority life and the craziness of it all (it really isn’t all that crazy) but the reason I am writing about my ex-sorority life is because of one particular connection with someone who remains to be a good friend of mine (and is actually my mentor) to this day.  I met Tiffany my sophomore year (that’s when I joined the house) and since then, she has always been someone I had looked up to.  In college, it was mainly for her fashion sense (oh, how I wished I had size 5 feet so I could not only borrow her clothes but so I could borrow her FABULOUS shoes as well!) but particularly her work ethic.  Tiffany and I hit it off right away because we had many similarities.  We were both typical Asian girls who loved Hello Kitty, crafting (birthday boards for the sorority???) and all things sparkly + glittery.  But the other thing that drew us together was that we still took school very seriously and never took anything for granted.  We both came from supportive families but chose to work while going to school.  Tiffany actually referred me to two of my three jobs in college – both jobs she was leaving and moving on to something else.  She had been somewhat of a mentor even before officially becoming my mentor.  Needless to say, we have kept in touch far beyond those Thursday night frat parties.
When I started my job as a fitness coach, I had no idea what I was doing.  All I knew was that I had found something I was passionate about and something that when I was “working,” it didn’t feel like work at all.  I loved that I got to help people identify, tackle and reach their health + fitness goals.  But what I quickly realized after being my own boss for a while was that I wanted to make this even bigger than what it was.  I had BIG DREAMS but no concept of how to make those dreams come to life.
For those that know Tiffany, you might know her from I Am Style-Ish or t+j designs.  She has created a life by design by turning something that she loves into her full time career.  One of the (rare) times we got together for dinner, she started asking me about my fitness business and what my goals were beyond coaching.  She dug deep and I hadn’t thought about answers to those tough questions she had.  I knew I didn’t want to work in the corporate world forever but I also knew that financially, I had to be realistic.  After dinner that night, I came home and started an email to Tiffany with answers to her questions and a proposal…a proposal to be my mentor.
Long story short, she accepted (yay!) and here I am today…an idea that is just the genesis of my BIG DREAMS…this blog!  I hope you follow my journey as I create my life by design.  Thanks for reading!!

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